Introducing YippieMove '09. Easy email transfers. Now open for all destinations.
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We got exciting news to share with you — a complete new version of YippieMove is on the way. The new version comes with a ton of new features and a super-slick interface.

In this sneak peek we will introduce one of the three major new features in YippieMove ’09. The feature we will reveal to you is…*drumroll*…an open step 2. That’s right, when we launch YippieMove ’09 you will be able to transfer your email between any of our 100+ pre-configured accounts, not only to Gmail. If that’s not enough, you can even enter your own server, just like in Step 1, using the option ‘Other.’ Isn’t this amazing? This opens up so many new doors.

We’ve already extensively tested this feature with our ‘custom migration’-service, but now we’re ready allow the rest of you in too!

Enough said, here is a screenshot from the new version.

Transfer to anywhere

We’ve worked really hard on making YippieMove the worlds easiest (and best) email transfer too. We hope you enjoyed this sneak peek. Stay tuned, as we expect to be able to launch YippieMove ’09 to the public this quarter.

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