Introducing YippieMove '09. Easy email transfers. Now open for all destinations.

Workers United NY NJ, turned to us for their email migration needs. One of their requirements were to be able to move their email without any interruption in their operations. The transfer involved 30 accounts, which was no problems for YippieMove to handle over night. 

To accomplish this transfer over night, we sent WorkersUnited a CSV-file which the accounts details were filled into. At 10PM ET, we loaded the CSV-file into our system and the transfers started. The next morning in New York-time, all transfers were done. The only thing that was needed to be done the following morning was to update the accounts details in Outlook for the users. It’s hard to make a more seamless switch than this. 

“I’m so glad we chose YippieMove to migrate our email – the transition was seamless, and YippieMove was very accessible every step of the way to answer questions and make sure everything went smoothly.” — Cayden Lovejoy, Workers United

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