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So these passed week both Alex and I have been busy with other stuff, so we haven’t had much time to work on the development for our yet to be announced super-duper-product. However, this weekend we have planned to get together for a ‘hackaton.’ For you guys not familiar with hackatons, it is something that fairly common in Silicon Valley among both start-ups and established companies. A hackaton something of a team-event where you get all your staff together (for us, that means me and Alex), and code/work for 24 hours or so straight to solve a common (or team-based) goal. Often these event are filled with plenty of fast-food and caffeine, and are usually appreciated in the geek-world.

Our event will of course only involve me and Alex, but we hope to be able to make some major progress in our development. We will keep you updated when we start our hackaton, and see how much of what we accomplished we will reveal. We’re still in stealth-mode, so don’t expect us to reveal much though.

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