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Thanks for publishing OFC.

Might have a use for it :D

Spenser – basicstate

By: Alexander Ljungberg Mon, 02 Mar 2009 20:11:35 +0000 Hey monk.e.boy,

We have modified V2 of OFC in a number of ways to match our particular visual design needs. Unfortunately most of the changes are rather hacky but hopefully there will be someone out there that can use part of our updated code.

  • We added a legend to the pie chart to replace the arrow based labels.
  • We added a pie chart drop shadow.
  • We did visual updates on the area hollow graph (axises, background grid, background gradient support, border).
  • We wrapped almost all functionality in conditional compile statements so that things we don’t particularly need don’t need to be compiled into the version we’ll use in production. This significantly reduced the download size of the final SWF file when only using some of the available graph types.
  • We removed the embedded font and patched in support for rotated X labels without it using bitmap rotation.

The size optimization has reduced the size of the SWF download to around 50KB.

Many of these changes are in progress and have not been packaged up for distribution on our open source page but we’ll be sure to post the final updated source code at the same time as we release YippieMove 09.

Thanks for creating Open Flash Chart. We examined several products, including commercial alternatives, before finding OFC 2 to be the best match for our needs.

Alexander Ljungberg

By: monk.e.boy Mon, 02 Mar 2009 14:22:32 +0000


What did you change? Any chance of some patch files? Did you change V1 or V2? If it is V1 would you like to take the project over and run it?

Can you post answers in the above please so the community can see what is going on :_)

Thanks for enjoying open flash chart and being a wonderful new member of the community :)