Introducing YippieMove '09. Easy email transfers. Now open for all destinations.

Hey. Just thought I’d let you know that Cuzimatter now has support for Reddit buttons too, complete with that little cute dude with the antenna. Remember, applying a good helping of Cuzimatter to your blog is good for you!

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  1. azzam says:

    If this application is open source, I was hoping you would release the code for it so I could get get my developer to look at the code. It would work wonders for a new social bookmarking service I want to offer. Not a competitor mind you :).
    it is something we would need to operate in the backend and then create a javascript/css/html code that would work with this application. Anyway give me a shout if you want to know more. I can check back here, I like your stuff

  2. Turns out that Cuzimatter has more to it than it seems. We wrote it with extensibility in mind. This is nice for the future this also means Cuzimatter has 105 source files. It’d take you longer to try to figure out what goes where than to just rewrite the core functionality yourself. :)

    Sorry about that. Good luck with your project and let me know if you need any suggestions!

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