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The other day me and Viktor were thinking that Viktor sure gets a lot of attention because of his awesome webcam. So we figured we ought to get one too! After all, I have a great view of Silicon Valley just out my window here. We could be the ‘Valley Cam’ or something catchy like that.

So we went down to Fry’s on Hamilton, found the IP enabled cameras and headed back. We scouted the best position of the camera, where it could be outdoors without being rained upon and so on. Once satisfied we happily went to configure the wireless networking functionality.

The camera we bought didn’t have wifi. It was the one camera in a whole section of IP enabled webcams that didn’t have wireless support!

Duh. So now we have to return it since we can’t get a cable out there. Well, at least we tried.

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  1. Yeah, that sure sucked. We were in a rush to get out of Frys before the big 5 o’clock rush began.
    On the other hand, we should have figured that out, this cam had better resolution that all the other ones but the price was cheaper.

    Maybe we should just chip in a bit more and get a good Axis camera or something good. After all, According to pretty much all the reviews of WIFI-cameras in this price-range (<$150), they all suck. It seems like one have to chip in about at least $250 for a good one.

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