Introducing YippieMove '09. Easy email transfers. Now open for all destinations.
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Ok we admit it, we love Open Source. Both Alex and I have been using Open Source-products for almost decade. I first installed Linux about 10 years ago, and have been a user ever since.

In this manner, I bring you the software of the day: RoundCube WebMail Project.

For a long time, I’ve been looking for a webmail that both looks good, is easy to set up, and have grown out of the alpha-status. RoundCube Webmail is the best looking and coolest webmail I’ve seen so far (check out these screenshots). RoundCube comes with Web 2.0 and AJAX support and the whole shebang. I particularly like the ability to drag you e-mails between different folders.

When I set up RoundCube for the first time, I was surprised how easy it was. You need a mySQL database as backend, and a webserver that supports PHP (I prefer Apache). If you have all of this running, the you just import the sql-file that comes with the package, and edit the config file, and you’re set. The entire installation takes less then 10 Minutes.

Even though the current release of RoundCube webmail is v0.1-beta2, it really runs fine. I’ve been using it for one of the companies I administrate now for about two months or so by now, and haven’t had any problem at all. I think this is the next big webmail, and I’m sure you will hear much about this project in the future.

I want to add a piece of advice to all of you guys before you run and install this software. Please use SSL for you webmail. If not, it’s really easy for other people to sniff your password and read your e-mail.

By the way, do I need to mention that RoundCube is our choice of WebMail for the company?

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Introducing YippieMove '09. Easy email transfers. Now open for all destinations.
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These last few days we have created a foundation for the work within our new company. Basically, we have configured and installed some internet related stuff. For now our ‘virtual base camp’ includes the following:

  1. Eventum for project tracking. This lets us keep track of what needs to be done, when it has to been done, and who’s doing what. We’re going to apply this to software development and project development alike. It’s like our virtual whiteboard.
  2. A Blogger account or two (or three) for this blog.
  3. A Google Sitemap to make sure we can start staking out our claim in cyberspace.
  4. Online document collaboration through Google Docs and Spreadsheets. This is pretty cool stuff, especially when working a lot online like we do.

Since we’re such a modern company we’ll probably be using many more online tools before we’re done.

It might be that a lot of ‘old school’ companies are still wondering how the heck these things work or why they’re even good. But I think some day people will be wondering how companies got by at all without this stuff.

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Introducing YippieMove '09. Easy email transfers. Now open for all destinations.

Today Alex and I are signing the Article of Organization-paper that is a required form to start up a company here in California. We chose LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) as our form of incorporation, since it gives us many benefits. One benefit is that the required administrative paperwork is less than other corporation forms. Another reason is that LLC (as the name implies), protects us as individuals from economical liabilities in case of something goes wrong, and we get sued. If that happens, the worst thing that can happen is that the company goes bankrupt.

For further information about forming an LLC, I’d recommend you to visit the Secretary of State in California. There you’ll find all the forms and information that you need to form an LLC.

Take care,

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Introducing YippieMove '09. Easy email transfers. Now open for all destinations.

Hey guys.

This is the blog of a startup currently in stealth mode. Even that we aren’t giving you the company name here, you can at least see that we are insanely good at naming blogs.

Now this would be the place where I told you a little bit about the company and our grand plan. But like all startups our resources are ideas. Big companies might have many other resources, so they don’t have to keep their cards as close to the chest. But small companies, like this one, only have ideas. So we’re going to play it safe and tell you all about our vision later.

Most of our attention is going into design of our software right now. We’ve been at the drawing board for a couple of months and have some very fancy diagrams to show for it. There’s also the matter of paper work for setting up the company. We’re a bit behind with that, but that’s alright. Viktor made some contacts who happen to know all about it. We still have plenty of time to get all of that set up as well.

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