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This might not be directly related to our startup, but how could I resist writing about Firefox 2.0 on the big day of its release? I’ve only been running it for about 15 minutes, but so far I really like it.

The first difference that strike the user is the new polished design. The design looks very similar to the previous one, but there are some changes, such as the new icons next to the address-bar, as well as the tabs looks a bit smoother with a metallic-look.

One of the new features that I really like is that links now opens in a new tab by default, before you had to right-click on the link, and choose ‘open in new tab’.

The new version also comes with another feature that I really like (and just discovered); the built-in spell checker. Now you don’t need to copy and past your text into a text-editor just to check your spelling before posting a comment or blog-entry.

In addition to this, the browser also comes with a built-in resuming of tabs. What that means is that you can shut down your browser, and next time you open it, you can resume the tabs you were using. Great feature, I use it a lot.

If you want to read about all the new features, visit the Firefox 2.0 Release Notes.

If you haven’t already downloaded Firefox 2.0, go to, and download your copy right away. Don’t think about upgrading to Internet Explorer 7, Firefox is the real deal.

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